Kentec Syncro AS Fire Alarm Panel

Kentec Syncro AS Fire Alarm Panel

Kentec Syncro AS Fire Alarm Panel

The Syncro AS single loop addressable fire alarm panel from Kentec is capable of running up to 126 Apollo devices, with each given a unique address for ease of identification when the system has been activated. Its large graphical display and clear control button layout allow for installers, engineers and end users to easily configure and maintain the addressable panel when needed. The Kentec Syncro AS panel offers a range of configuration options as well as a number of programmable inputs and relays, giving the fire alarm system the flexibility to adapt to various commercial applications.
Certified to BS EN 54 Part 2 and Part 4
Features a single detection loop capable of running 126 devices
Allocates an individual address to each device
40 characters available to give each device a name and/or location
Identifies the exact detector or device that has activated the fire alarm system
The single detection loop can be split into 16 zones as needed
Supports Apollo Series 90, XP95 & Discovery protocol
Large graphical display and clear button and indicator layout
Features 5 programmable inputs, 3 relays and 2 sounder circuits
Keypad configuration access
Available with or without Kentec software USB memory stick
A range of configurable options such as day/night sensitivity and cause and effect actionCan be connected with up to 15 
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