Channel Emergency Bulkhead

Channel Emergency Bulkhead

Channel Emergency Bulkhead

The Brook 2 LED bulkhead can be used either externally or internally owing to its IP65 rating.
It now comes with a remote control testing option.
Dimensions: 115mm (H) 350mm (W) 75mm (D)
Cut out dimensions for bezel: 83mm (H) 337mm (W)
Light source: LED (20 in unit)
Power consumption: 7.3W
Uses typically 80% less power than that of an 8W fluorescent
Lumen output: 320 lm (210 lm emergency mode)
Remote control testing option
Material: Polycarbonate diff user and body
IP Rating: IP65
Maintained or non-maintained 3 hour emergency backup
Weight: 0.95Kg
Compliance: BS EN 60598-2-22 and other relevant standards

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