TELEDATA Fire Detection Panel

TELEDATA Fire Detection Panel

TELEDATA Fire Detection Panel

The TELEDATA fire detection panels are capable to manage up to 240 detectors
for loop o
ffering solutions from 1 loop (TELEDATA ONE) up to 16 loops (OLYMPIA).
TELEDATA offers technical innovations such as
The use of a digital comunication protocol on 2 voltage levels with the improvement of the quality and the reliability of the loop communication and the distance increment of the closed loop up to 6 Km.
Elegant design and available for all the di
fferent applications.
Available also in analog addressable version.
The short cut detection integrated in the analog addressable modules and detectors, avoiding the use of external insulators.
The system management becomes easier by using the model ONE KBD remote keypads with push buttons, display and signaling LEDs.
The management of the control panel can be done by using any communication line or Ethernet network using the appropriate WINWATCH32 software.
The management of the fire control panels on graphic maps is integrated with
the management of burglar, CCTV, access control and building automation systems.

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