The Kentec Sigma Fire Alarm Panel

The Kentec Sigma Fire Alarm Panel

The Kentec Sigma Fire Alarm Panel

The Kentec Sigma T11040M2 Sav Wire fire alarm control panel complies with European standards BS EN54-2 and BS EN54-4 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems - Control and Indicating Equipment and would be used in conjunction with Sav Wire bases and Sav Wire call points where the detection and sounder circuits are on one pair of cables.
Suitable for use in all situations the T11040 M2 is simple to install and requires the minimum of programming to set up.
Kentec Sigma T11040M2
Sav Wire compatible
4 Detection zones
2 Sounder output circuits
Fully programmable using simple menu options
Adjustable sounder delay time
3 On-board relay outputs
Class change input
Sounder configuration options
Zonal sounder delay detectors only
Zonal sounder delay call points only
Coincidence input selection
I.S Barrier selection by zone
Short circuit fire by zone
Non latching zones
Silent zones
Zone input delay

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