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We Can offer a full package of Installation, Maintenance and monitoring of your intruder alarms. Whether it’s a new system or you’re looking to maintain your existing install, we can ensure your property is safe. Our favourite systems are wireless as they are quick install and no hassle. All of our installs come with a mobile app, which allows you to monitor and control your system from anywhere. FASSL is also offering a monitoring service to give you peace of mind knowing we will Contact you should your system go into alarm.
Need to secure access for your home or business? or want members of staff to have personalised access to certain areas? We can install and maintain systems that are user friendly and keep your property safe. From installations of systems using swipe cards and access fobs, or perhaps some automatic door openers or closers. The Team at FASSL will cater to all your access requirements.
CCTV does not just record, it is also an active deterrent from any vandals or burglars as they are aware of higher security measures on your property.
We can install simple to use but effective CCTV to cover your home or property. With features such as number plate recognition and face detection systems that can see clearly during the night hours. How about upgrading your current installation for direct CCTV streamed live to your phone or tablet?

In an emergency your corridors and exits need to be well-lit to ensure the safe exit of your personnel. We supply a comprehensive range of emergency lights, including LED emergency lighting, emergency exit signs, emergency spotlights and recessed emergency lighting. Maintained emergency lighting can be set to stay on constantly whereas non-maintained emergency lighting will only come on in the event of power failure.

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