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EDA Wireless

The FSS/EDA Fire Alarm System is available to provide all the features of a fully addressable Fire Alarm System. With the exception of the main control and booster panels, all other componets such as Detectors, Call Points, and Sounders are completely self contained. The M100/M200/M300 and M350 range are fully addressable for up to 3000 devices.

This panel is designed for the larger system and is capable of supporting 50 panels on the system but can be used as a stand alone panel. The display features a CCFL backlit display which is very clear to read and details the unit number and a text location message should a device be in fire or fault condition. The cause and effects that can be programmed into the system are very flexible ranging from an all out evacuate system, to a two stage delay timer

arrangement, all programmable from either the front panel keypad or a PC. This panel is also available fitted with an integral 80 column printer (EDA-M150) and can be connected to a telephone line to enable remote access for engineering support.

This panel is a cut down version of the FSS/EDA-M100. Using just a single frequency this can be operated with a further 4 panels (repeater/booster or control) as part of the system.The system displays information on a 4 line 20 character display only detailing the device type, unit number and zone in the case of a fire or the device type, type of fault and unit number in the case of a fault. There is no location message displayed on the screen.

The booster/repeater panel indicates only supply healthy and whether there is a fault relating to the panel. Its function is to control any local devices. Should a fault or alarm condition occur from one of the local devices then the relevant information is sent around the network to control panels on the system. When the system is not in a fault or alarm condition the booster/repeater panels send data around the network indicating to the control panels how the system is performing. This allows all system data to be available at the main control panel when an engineer arrives on site. Each repeater panel includes two relay contacts that can be configured to drive sounder circuits (0.5 amps each) or as auxillary relays (No or Nc). The FSS/EDA-M300 is used in association with the FSS/EDA-M100/150 where as the FSS/EDA-M350 is used with the FSS/EDA-M200.

EMS FirePoint 5000

  • Addressable detection devices
  • Digital processing based
  • Led zone indication
  • Keyswitch access
  • Laptop programming
  • Bomb alert input
  • Configurable system code
  • 2 auxiliary fire contacts
  • RS232 port
  • Device isolate
  • LCD display
  • Vhf remote receiver facility
  • 230v. 50hz operation
  • 4 hardwired inputs
  • Keypad programming
  • Integral pager transmitter
  • Class change input
  • 2 wired sounder circuits
  • 2 auxiliary fault contacts
  • RS485 port
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